Emily Guajardo


Target's New Restroom Policy Is Getting Out Of Hand

A couple of days ago, Target stores decided to allow transgender individuals use restrooms in accordance to what gender they identify with. This caused a huge fiscal and led to protests, boycotts, and several die-hard Target shoppers to cease consumption of all Target products and stores. Many feel like Target wants to reach a new population of consumers and open their doors, or stalls, to those who have been discriminated and objectified.

Why My Mexican Mom Is No Less American Than A U.S. Citizen

My mother is not an American citizen. Crossing the border at age 28, my mother drove in the back of a van on a hot summer's day through the slopes and ditches of Guadalajara, Jalisco to San Antonio. Finding love and marrying a strong, Mexican man, my mother raised three children with a pot of beans and an American flag. Yes, that was me. I am the first in my family to be called an American, a citizen, a privileged child. However, that means nothing if I do not take advantage of it.